Our Mission

With a diverse background in municipal and non-profit management and training, Maureen Kane & Associates, Inc. is committed to serving municipal, community and professional organizations by offering personalized programs and strategic sessions.

Upcoming Sessions

2017 TTC Sessions

September 12 – 15                Registration Open
Series 100

2018 TTC Sessions

March 13 – 16
Series 200

June 19 – 22
Series 400

September 11 – 14
Series 300

CCAC Regional Session

Regional Trainings are offered in association with CCAC. For course descriptions, locations and dates, please view the CCAC tab on the top of this page. Registration and additional information is available by contacting the City Clerks Association of California.

Past  sessions:

June 9

Region 7 – Corona
Topic – When You Know That You’re Not the Problem,,, Working With and For Impossible People

June 28

Region 13 – Pacific Grove
Topic – When It’s Everybody’s City Hall… Understanding and Assessing the Label of Mental Illness

July 13

Region 8 – Brawley

Topic – When You Wonder If That Person Will Snap… Recognizing and Understanding Threats and Potential Attacks

July 21

Region 16 – Rohnert Park
Topic – When You Wonder If That Person Will Snap… Recognizing and Understanding Threats and  Potential Attacks